FischerTHERM® D 70

Roof sandwich panel with a thickness of 70mm

The trapezoidal profiled and thermally insulated roof panel, FischerTHERM® D 70, is delivered ready for installation and weighs 10.5kg/m2. The maximum length available is 26.4m, and the panel width is 1,000mm. Despite the low thickness, FischerTHERM® D 70 offers a heat transfer coefficient (U-value) of only 0.661 W/(m2K), combining a lightweight construction with an attractive design at an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
The thermal properties of the roof element can be further improved by specifying our factory-fitted DUO gasket, this enables additional energy savings of up to 10%.

FischerTHERM® roof sandwich panels for industrial and commercial construction consist of an external and internal pre-finished steel skin, with a core of rigid polyurethane foam. This core is CFC and HCFC free and therefore not harmful to the ozone layer.

Depending on the building application and desired thermal insulation, a thickness of 70 to 180mm can be selected. The panels are 1,000mm wide and the maximum available length is 26.4 metres. While the external skin is trapezoidally profiled, we offer the choice of either "lined" or "flat" profiles for the inner skin.

FischerTHERM® roof panels are quick and easy to install and their large longitudinal joint overlap provides an optimum seal against the penetration of surface water. Fine auxiliary drilling grooves help to prevent the drill from slipping and thus prevent possible damage to the coating. For hidden sealing screws the FischerTHERM® plusdach system can be used. The plus-rail covers the fixing points, thus improving the aesthetics and offering even more protection against rain and condensation.

The low weight of the prefabricated FischerTHERM® roof panels combined with very high rigidity allows large spans to be achieved. This results in a number of advantages, including short construction times, simple and quick assembly and easy dismantling with subsequent reusability. Mounting systems for solar and photovoltaic systems can also be installed as load-bearing elements on FischerTHERM® roofs.

All FischerTHERM® roof elements have excellent thermal insulation and airtightness. The optional DUO seal is installed at the factory and enables additional energy savings of up to 10%. The calculated joint permeability coefficient (a-value) exceeds the set value prescribed in the DIN standards by x100.

The coating variants offered for FischerTHERM® roof elements combine sophisticated aesthetics with high corrosion protection. You can choose between the premium pre-finished steel - Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® - which both offer a wide colour choice, all with excellent UV protection. Fischer Profil offers the Confidex® Guarantee on both products with a lifetime of up to 40 years.

We also supply FischerFIREPROOF® MW roof sandwich panels with a mineral wool core which, along with our FischerTHERM® roof PIR sandwich panels are available FM Approvals® certification.

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Product nameSheet thickness

Panel thickness


max. length [m]



Heat transfer coefficient according to DIN EN 14509 [W/(m2K)]Total thermal resistance Rtot according to DIN EN 6949
(without joint)
Outer skinInner skinUd,s
Simplified procedure with fjoint
(without joint)
FischerTHERM® D 700,550,457026,410,50,6980,6611,513
FischerTHERM® D 800,550,458026,410,90,5360,5131,948
FischerTHERM® D 1000,550,4510026,411,70,3660,3552,818
FischerTHERM® D 1200,550,4512026,412,50,2780,2713,687
FischerTHERM® D 1400,550,4514026,413,40,2240,2194,557
FischerTHERM® D 1600,550,5016026,413,90,1880,1845,427
FischerTHERM® D 1800,550,5018026,415,10,1620,1596,296

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