High-Tech at Fischer Profil: In-house production with new flashing bench

No playing with fire at Fischer Profil. Instead we focuse on safety and quality. To ensure this, we stay at the cutting edge of technology – whether with digital tools or modern construction equipment, which now includes our state-of-the-art flashing bench.

Our automatic bending bench ensures a smooth and high-quality production of our own folded parts and the most important accessories for industrial and commercial buildings. From profile fillers and connecting elements to modern light panels and tools for better handling and assembly of those elements, everything is included. Our production facility in Netphen-Deuz is now running at full speed.

However, the fully commissioned flashing machine not only ensures improved quality control. After thorough training, our colleagues at Fischer Profil are now working on a state-of-the-art system that leads to a significant simplification of work and improved work ergonomics.

After all: Fischer Profil guarantees safety at all points of the construction process.

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