FischerFIREPROOF MW plus adapter

Always the right solution - FischerFIREPROOF MW adapter
The right solution for every special requirement - that is Fischer Profil's motto. That is why research and development are the driving force behind our success.

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Fischer pilaster strip

A big plus for your facade
In architecture, pilaster strips are used to visually structure a facade. They serve as decoration of smooth surfaces and form a style-defining feature.

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Solar fastener

Solar fasteners for solar panels on Fischer roof elements
Did you know? Solar energy systems on industrial roofs can be subsidized by federal and state governments. Most industrial roofs are large, flat and robust – and thus harbor a great deal of untapped potential.

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Domelight crown

Let there be light: Roof accessories from Fischer Profil
Whether in production and assembly halls, factories or office buildings, domelights are a must in the modern industrial building.

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The optimised lifting clamp

The risk of injury in building construction is far higher than in other industries. The inadequate condition of construction safety equipment can also lead to an increase in severity of potential injury – meaning that regular quality assurance is particularly crucial.

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Production with new flashing bench

No playing with fire at Fischer Profil. Instead we focuse on safety and quality. To ensure this, we stay at the cutting edge of technology – whether with digital tools or modern construction equipment, which now includes our state-of-the-art flashing bench.

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FischerTRAPEZ with new steel grade and thickness

In addition to the proven steel grade S320, we now also offer the even more economical steel grade S350 as well as the sheet thickness 1.13 mm! Our load-bearing trapezoidal profiles convince not only with their mechanical resistance and fire behavior, but also with a wide range of profile geometries.

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