A.1 Introduction (galvanizing)

Zinc is an excellent corrosion protection for steel. Galvanized construction elements are also used in building construction where corrosion stress due to weathering or other moisture influences is to be expected.

Nevertheless, even when exposed to moisture without sufficient air supply, the galvanized surface is still subject to certain corrosion attacks which, under unfavorable circumstances, can lead to premature corrosion. The understanding of these processes is especially important when storing and transporting components in packages, because if the components are not handled properly, there are always 'surprising' effects that could have been foreseen and thus avoided.

Even an additional organic coating cannot reliably prevent water vapor from penetrating and white rust (zinc oxide hydrate) from forming underneath, which increases the volume of the organic coating.

Galvanized components with or without additional coating can be stored and transported safely and uncritically, even during longer storage periods.

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