Fischer lifting clamp

Safety in assembly technology by using the Fischer lifting clamp

  • For lifting, turning and laying sandwich panels
  • Optimally dimensioned gripping area for the special requirements
  • Protection against marks or damage due to specially coated gripper jaws
  • Easy change of the grippeing jaw for different profiles

Fischer domelight crown

In modern industrial construction, skylight domes are a standard feature

  • Optimum illumination with natural daylight
  • Better aeration and ventilation
  • State-of-the-art, double-walled insulation and precision-fit manufacture

Solar fastener

Solar fasteners for solar panels on Fischer roof elements

  • Utilisation of large roof areas
  • Installation following the laying work
  • Penetration-free installation
  • Part of our general technical approval
  • Did you know? Solar energy systems on industrial roofs can be subsidized by federal and state governments.

Fischer pilaster strip

In architecture, pilaster strips are used to visually structure a façade

  • Ornamentation of smooth surfaces and thus a style-defining feature
  • Design references possible through colour contrasting
  • Design highlight with individual character
  • Design as smooth pilaster strip, with striking shadow gap, raised or in ellipse form

FischerFIREPROOF MW Adapter

The right solution for every requirement

  • Combination in the façade with FischerTHERM and FischerFIREPROOF® MW elements
  • Gap closure between sandwich elements made of PIR and MW
  • Adapters for visible as well as concealed fastening 
  • Undisturbed façade view
  • Three different types

Flashings and accessories

Standard flashings and a range of accessories for all products

  • All flashings are matched to Fischer Profil products
  • Special flashings are available on request

Declarations of performance

Declarations of performance are very important when providing specifiers with confirmation of European Standards in relation to the products they have used for their building. We provide a full library of DoPs in relation to our product which you can request here.

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