Repair work

Repair of metallic coatings

Damaged areas of zinc coatings and 55% AlZn (aluminium zinc) coatings may be repaired using zinc powder lacquer.

Repair of organic coatings

Even if the cladding elements have been installed with the maximum care, the coating may be damaged. These scratches usually do not penetrate the protection system which consists of a metallic layer and a coating and the steel substrate is still protected against corrosion.

Mechanical damage to coatings may be repaired using special repair lacquer and a fine brush. The surface area should be as small as possible so as to keep the extent of unavoidable variations in colour and gloss grade to the minimum.

For coil coated panels which are cut on site, the cutting area, which will be visible after installation or which will be exposed to weathering, should be retouched using suitable lacquer.

Slight damage to the coating of wall panels should not be repaired at all as it is known from experience that there is no risk of corrosion as a result of the cathodic protection.


Remove any dirt that has been left after installation. Water or mild alkaline cleaners have proved to be well suited. When using alkaline cleaners, rinse with clear water.

Cleaning of roof and wall surfaces, which have been soiled as a result of local environmental conditions or by third parties, is not included in our scope of delivery.

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