Qualifications of the installation contractor

According to the directive "Richtlinie für die Montage von Stahlprofiltafeln für Dach-, Wand- und Deckenkonstruktionen" (Directive for the installation of profiled steel panels for roof, wall and floor decking) issued by IFBS Düsseldorf, the company carrying out the work must provide the following documents at the building owner's request:

a) Clearance certificate issued by the Employers' Liability Insurance Association, the compulsory health insurance funds and the fiscal authorities

b) Certificate confirming adequate insurance cover of the company

c) For external staff: Official certificate as required by the German law on temporary work (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz)

d) Certificate giving evidence of sufficient experience in the installation of profiled metal panels – in particular steel panels – e.g. by the IFBS quality mark "Montagearbeiten mit Bauelementen aus Stahlblech für Dach-, Decken- und Wandsysteme"

e) The construction site management must ensure that the applicable accident prevention regulations are complied with.

In particular, the following regulations apply:
VGB 1 – Allgemeine Vorschriften (General provisions)
VBG 37 – Bauarbeiten (Constructional work)
VBG 74 – Leitern und Tritte (Ladders and landings)
Regulations concerning health and safety at work when installing profiled panels, issued by IFBS. Furthermore, all workplace regulations must be adhered to.

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