FischerTHERM Carrier® Green

Greening systems for roofs and facades

Based on our high-quality sandwich elements, we have developed integrated systems for roofs and facades.

By combining green roofs and green facades with the sandwich elements manufactured by Fischer Profil, you set the course for environmentally conscious and sustainable construction and, incidentally, benefit from the various advantages of planted roofs and facades.

The sandwich elements from our carrier product range offer the possibility to efficiently execute green roof and green facade projects. Together with our long-term partners, we develop innovative system solutions to strengthen your sustainable supply chain.

The advantages of green roof and facade systems:

  • Heavy Rain & Flood Prevention
  • Heat precaution
  • Energy savings through cooling (positive effects on thermal insulation)
  • Noise reduction
  • Improvement of the cityscape & the quality of stay
  • Air quality improvement
  • Promotion of biodiversity
  • CO2 reduction
  • Diverse support measures by federal, state & local governments (observe applicable guidelines and directives in each case)