Product FischerTRAPEZ® 100/275 FischerTHERM® plus ML 100

Client: IronMaxx® Nutrition GmbH, Köln

Architect: Zimmermann Architekten, Bensheim

Installers: Stahlbau Petry GmbH, Alterkülz

Timescales: March to October 2014

Project Cost: 3 Million Euros

The Project

In Hürth-Kalscheuren (Rhein-Erft-Kreis) the new location of the well-known sports food manufacturer IronMaxx® Nutrition GmbH was built with a 5,000 m² administration and logistics center. The walls were created using PIR insulated sandwich panels, while profiled steel was used for the roof.

The IronMaxx® Nutrition company is as young and innovative as its products. The product range includes more than 150 different energy bars, powders and drinks for muscle build and fat reduction of ambitious athletes. In 2011 the company received the honorary award of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for excellent food quality. The demand for performance-enhancing food supplements is growing rapidly.

The management team, headed by Patrick Kruczkowski decided therefore to develop IronMaxx® Nutrition GmbH further and to optimize the selling structures. Therefore the company moved from Cologne to Hürth in 2014 and built a modern administration and logistics complex in the industrial park Kalscheuren - for the region certainly a successful and conscious investment. "I grew up in the Rhineland and feel very close to the region," the entrepreneur assures. "We want to expand even further and perhaps become the market leader in Germany at some point in time," says Patrick Kruczkowski, formulating his ambitious goal. The design for the new Iron-Maxx® Nutrition headquarters was created by Zimmermann Architekten from Bensheim in the German state of Hesse. According to the company profile, their ambition is to always meet costs and deadlines while maintaining architectural quality - as the headquarters in Hürth also proves.

The matt shimmering metal façade is an immediate eye-catcher in the industrial park. Dipl.-Ing./Architect Frank Hoffmann, project manager at Zimmermann Architekten, attributes this to the design idea, among other things: "Halls that we design stand out from the rest. We lay the structural steel work on the outside and run bracing over the roof and facade. This makes the beams in the ceiling very slender and inside the hall is free of supports right up to the façade". This in turn provides a lot of internal space, as required by the client. The architect continues: "The external steel structural frame enables us to create a filigree and aesthetic overall appearance of the hall". To achieve this, the architects needed materials that were both high-quality and economical. Together with the client and the contractor, they agreed on façade elements and trapezoidal profiles from Fischer Profil GmbH in Netphen-Deuz in order to be able to skilfully implement their design.

Fischer Profil GmbH in Netphen-Deuz has over 60 years of experience in the production of components for lightweight metal construction. Today it is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in this field. It was the first company in the industry to introduce a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Roof and wall profiles from Fischer are regarded as a favourite for industrial and commercial buildings throughout Europe. As he was convinced of the advantages of the Fischer Profil product range, the client - in coordination with the profile manufacturer - decided to use 1,850m2 FischerTRAPEZ® 100/275 for the roof construction and as a facade approx. 1,250m² FischerTHERM® plus ML 100 for the new IronMaxx® Nutrition headquarters.