The Project

With a floor area of 1.973m² the new family swimming pool, Vogelsang, was built in Solingen. The warm temperatures required to provide the bathers with a comfortable climate, and the humid environment, placed particularly high demands on the build. Therefore, FischerTHERM® Carrier plus product range was used. The DUO-Seal installed at the factory enables additional energy savings of up to 10 percent - providing high air tightness and optimum thermal insulation. The flat roof was constructed from the FischerTRAPEZ® trapezoidal profiled steel.

Product FischerTHERM® Carrier plus ML 140 with Fischer DUO seal, FischerTRAPEZ® 165/250

Client: City of Solingen

Architect: Jochen Batz, KRIEGER Architekten

Installers: TÖNISEN Bedachungs GmbH

Project Cost: €9 Mio, Fischer Profil contract value: ca. €40.000

May 2018 – March 2019; cladding August 2018 – March 2019

Almost in record time, a new jewel has been created in Solingen: the family swimming pool, Vogelsang. In a total of only 18 months, the old indoor swimming pool was transformed into an open, light-flooded building that now guarantees swimming fun all year round. When developing the new concept, the main focus was on meeting the different needs of the users - from families with small children, school classes and sports clubs to recreational swimmers. The building contains a 25-metre-long multi-purpose pool with five lanes and one starting block each, as well as a teaching pool measuring 14 x 10 metres. The family area is equipped with a paddling pool as well as a spray park similar to a flower meadow for the smaller guests. "Just as we requested, we are getting a family-friendly, attractive swimming pool that fits exactly into our given budget." emphasizes Solingen's assistant manager Dagmar Becker. "And I am sure that families with small children in particular will feel extremely comfortable."

The design concept for the building was developed by the architect's office KRIEGER von Velbert, which has now designed its 250th swimming pool. Under the direction of the construction company Pellikaan, all parties involved adhered to a tight schedule and contributed to the fact that the new swimming pool was inaugurated and opened on schedule. TÖNISEN Bedachungs GmbH erected the façade and roof in the period from August 2018 to March 2019. The fast build was made possible, among other things, by using the proven prefabricated sandwich panels of the FischerTHERM® Carrier plus series. The wall panels FischerTHERM® Carrier plus 140 in the color RAL 7016 were assembled with a total of 880 meters of carrier rail. The FischerTHERM® Carrier façade consists of a double-skin wall cladding: The Fischer sandwich panel made of steel is combined with the ventilated curtain wall.
The support rail of the curtain wall element is fixed to the outer shell of the sandwich panel. The innovative DUO sealant is installed in the panel joint at the factory to improve air tightness and thermal insulation. "With the help of the FischerTHERM® wall panels, we were able to create the facade quickly and the substructure was also easy to install. The construction method with sandwich panels as a carrier façade is cheaper and easier to implement than the conventional method with an aluminium substructure," says Stefan Hendricks, TÖNISEN Bedachungs GmbH.

The FischerTHERM® Sandwichelementen provided the project with a quickly constructed weather tight building, that both met building regulations and budget specifications. The budget target of around 9 million euros included the demolition of the already ailing predecessor. When considering cost efficiency, durability also plays a decisive role:
Fischer products are not only particularly economical, they also have a long service life and thus make it possible to keep any repairs and follow-up costs low. Apart from regular minor maintenance, no further costs should be incurred until a potential refurbishment.

An important issue in the construction of a swimming pool is the insulation: In the swimming pool area, high room air temperatures and room air humidity must be guaranteed. To keep heating costs as low as possible, optimal insulation is therefore essential. In addition, it prevents unnecessary cold bridges and potential damage. With FischerTHERM® plus sandwich panels insulated with the DUO seal and mounted on the carrier rail, there are considerable advantages in terms of air and heat permeability compared to competitive products. This means that the current requirements of the EnEV regarding air tightness are met and additional energy savings of up to ten percent are possible.

For the steel look of the façade, Jochen Batz from architectural firm KRIEGER designed a concept made of corten steel. This steel has the special property that it forms a corrosion layer that protects it from further rust. With its industrial charm, this deliberate patina also fits in well with the history of steel processing in Solingen as a city of blades.

Beyond the external appearance, the facade is very durable and low maintenance compared to other curtain facades. TÖNISEN Bedachungs GmbH assembled the Corten steel elements on the carrier substructure.

The trapezoidal profiles FischerTRAPEZ® 165/250 were used for the construction of the flat roof. The foil sealing served as heat insulation and insulates on summer and winter days. The roof covering could be laid quickly and thus helped to meet the tight schedule for the construction.