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Unloading and storing

YouTube Videos zu diesem Thema anschauen Abladen und Lagern Die Pakete müssen an der Baustelle mit geeigneten Hebezeugen abgeladen werden. Bei kurzen Elementen ist dies auch durch Gabelstapler möglich, besser aber ist die Verwendung von Kranen. Falls keine speziellen „Traversen“ mit gummierten Hebebändern zur Verfügung stehen, sollten beim Abladen mit normalen Anschlagseilen Kantenschutzwinkel an der ….  Read more

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Immediately after completion of panel laying and before commencing subsequent work (e.g., roof sealing, superstructures etc.), the panels should be subject to acceptance or partial acceptance, as the case may be. At least they should be inspected jointly by the parties concerned, and a protocol should be prepared. This will avoid any later disputes concerning the reason for notices of defects ....

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Transport to construction site

Generally , panels ready for installation are supplied in packages on pallets using trucks. Such pallets normally have a max. weight of 3000kg, to take account of available hoists. When packages are stacked, the wooden pallets must be placed one above the other. The materials should be transported so that they remain dry. For panel lengths of more than 20m, special approval is required for ....  Read more