Extension of the Confidex®Guarantee 

Builders get extended protection

36 percent of the world's final energy consumption
and 39 percent of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are attributable to the building and construction sector. One thing is clear: we need to rethink. More environmentally friendly solutions to reduce emissions include the use of photovoltaic systems, which allow builders2to reduce their carbon footprint. However, these solutions must be supported by high-quality products for the building envelope.

The branded pre-finished steel products from Colorcoat® are not only durable due to their high corrosion and UV resistance, but also exceptionally robust. The Confidex® Guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® also offers guarantee protection for up to 40 years for the weatherside of industrial and commercial buildings - with no inspection and maintenance to maintain its validity.

The Confidex® Guarantee has recently been extended to include cover for both products being used under Photovoltaic (PV) clip and fix frame modules ensuring that all parts of the pre-finished steel are covered for the same duration of guarantee. While the previous version was limited to roof applications with Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, the expanded PV addendum now includes facade applications with this product, as well as additional roof and facade cladding with Colorcoat Prisma® in Solid, Metallic and Matt colours. Confidex® provides up to 40 years of protection in conventional exterior building envelope applications. The updated version of the guarantee developed by Tata Steel is available immediately with each registration of one of the above products after purchase from Fischer Profil. This means that the PV modules can be applied at any point throughout the length of the Confidex® Guarantee without invalidating it ensuring that the roof or wall is “PV ready”.

Your direct and reliable contractual partner is Tata Steel, so in the unlikely event of a coating failure, there is no need to involve the complex supply chain. When installing PV modules on a roof or wall surface consisting of Colorcoat Prisma® or Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, you should consider the following aspects: The areas under the PV modules must not be considered "maintenance free". Furthermore, PV arrays must also be installed in a way that allows effective maintenance, with good maintenance records needing to be upheld throughout.

For more information on the Confidex® guarantee, click here.

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