Registration of our products in the DGNB Navigator

Our sandwich elements PIR as well as our trapezoidal profiles for roofs and walls are listed in the DGNB Navigator.

Get a comprehensive overview of our products FischerTHERM®, FischerTHERM® plus, FischerTHERM® D and FischerTRAPEZ® in the DGNB Navigator!
We focus on user convenience and transparency: simplify the planning phase of your project by easily viewing detailed data on our products in the DGNB Navigator and having relevant characteristic values displayed in bundled form.

Whether manufacturer, architect, planner, craftsman or auditor: The DGNB Navigator is a convenient tool that supports everyone involved in the product selection process. The unique online platform creates transparency and provides everyone with valuable and precise information on the product they are looking for and its characteristics - such as information on environmental impacts, the calculation of life cycle costs, energy requirements or emissions behavior.

The the DGNB Navigator combines the manufacturers' supply of information with the planners' demand on an online platform. It creates an important bridge between building products and the DGNB certification system for buildings by providing the required data for building certification. It thus acts as an important interface between the various players in the planning and execution team on the one hand, and product manufacturers on the other.

Our listed products have also received the DGNB label. On the DGNB label there is an individual 6-digit code. By entering the code on the start page in the DGNB Navigator, you will be taken directly to the product's detail page.

The entry in the DGNB-System includes all relevant information on the sustainability aspects of our products - so now you can also build demonstrably sustainably with Fischer Profil.

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