A big plus for your facade

In architecture, pilaster strips are used to visually structure a facade. They serve as decoration of smooth surfaces and form a style-defining feature. Providing uniformly gridded wall surfaces with stylish details through color-contrasting elements, such as pilaster strips or corner moldings.
In this way, even large industrial buildings can become a true eye-catcher.

In today's industrial buildings, pilaster strips offer a unique solution not only for technical reasons (for example to cover a joint area), but their unusual shapes also make them a true design highlight. Fischer Profil offers its pilaster strips in a wide variety of materials, colors and shapes.

There are inconspicuous smooth pilaster strips as well as those with striking shadow gaps. They are available as raised pilaster strips in semi-circular as well as elliptical shapes, they do not have to blend in with the façade in a simple and inconspicuous way, they offer modern design options for individual architecture. Fischer Profil offers them in all kinds of variations.

The individual solution to greater freedom
The newly developed pilaster strip from Fischer Profil with an individually insertable cover profile allows the possibility of designing a flat or a top hat shaped pilaster strip. Unlike before, this new design has two installation heights and so allows both designs with just one joint strip.

Another special feature is the technical advancement of the classic pilaster strip. External factors such as wind and temperature can put a strain on the building envelope, creating deflections in the sandwich panels. Different temperatures and movements of the components can result in length changes. Therefore, the sides of the pilaster strip profile were beveled at 5°. The specially developed lip seal allows sliding at the sandwich panels joints and prevents water penetration.

Good, better, plus
For demanding façade cladding, Fischer Profil offers the sandwich element with that little extra. The FischerTHERM plus wall element differs fundamentally from the standard elements in one respect. The fastening points are covered by the extended outer edge above the joint. This creates a homogeneous surface without visually disturbing elements such as screw heads. The load distribution plate enables increased tensile load capacity values for this special fixing. The newly developed pilaster strip can absorb additional wind loads and thus makes it possible that no additional fasteners are required even for higher wind loads.

Aesthetic design paired with optional functionality.

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