Always the right solution - FischerFIREPROOF MW Adapter

The right solution for every special requirement - that is Fischer Profil's motto. That is why research and development are the driving force behind our success. Our wide range of products and services are the basis for comprehensive complete solutions with a high degree of flexibility and individuality. We offer building products for the complete building envelope and are thus valued partners for industrial and commercial construction. Completely from one source.

Which construction is used in hall and commercial construction also depends on the use. The building envelope protects the interior, it should be beautiful, quick to assemble, highly heat insulating, individual and safe. It must withstand environmental influences such as wind and weather, as well as meet the increasing requirements for fire protection. These include, for example, the fire resistance of the building components, the flammability of the building materials and the size of the fire or fire-fighting compartments.

As different as the requirements for the building envelope are, as different is the composition of the construction elements. Whether you require highly insulating PUR/PIR FischerTHERM sandwich elements or FischerFIREPROOF MW ® sandwich elements with non-combustible core materials, we can supply you with both. And when it comes to combining these two construction elements, we have the appropriate gap-filler. The specially developed adapters enable the combination in the façade with FischerTHERM and the FischerFIREPROOF MW ® elements. Adapters have been developed for both visible and concealed fastening to enable an undisturbed façade view. The adapters are available in three different types in order to be able to carry out the different transitions.



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