Mineral fiber core increases fire protection

Consistent facade design with adapter profile

Sophisticated industrial architecture has the task of bringing together all building physics requirements with the aesthetic wishes of the architects and the economic conditions of the client. Increasingly, structural fire protection is also becoming the focus of planners and manufacturers of sandwich elements. FischerFIREPROOF® MW* mineral fiber sandwich panels.

Picture 2: Cross section FischerFIREPROOF® MW* Wandelement

Link: https://www.fischerprofil.de/sandwichelemente.aspx?productID=f8711476-d154-4ac5-a7c6-fec293ece977

Sandwich elements with mineral fiber core

The FischerFIREPROOF MW mineral fiber sandwich elements guarantee a high fire resistance up to EI 240 (F 240) due to their structural design and therefore prevent the fire from flashover to the side facing away from the fire. They consist of two galvanized and plastic-coated steel sheet cover layers and a high-strength, non-combustible mineral fiber core (Euroclass A1, non-combustible). They comply with the highest fire protection class and are particularly suitable for construction projects with high requirements on fire resistance or fire behavior.

FischerFIREPROOF MW mineral fiber sandwich elements are available for roof and wall. They achieve a sound insulation value of approx. 31 dB(A). The sandwich elements are available with micro-profiled (15mm), lined and flat surfaces. Their element thicknesses vary between 60 and 240 mm with a thermal insulation value of up to 0.16 W/m2K. The roof elements are offered exclusively as trapezoidal sheet metal, their element thicknesses vary between 100 and 240 mm, with U-values of up to 0.18 W/m2K. Fire resistance ranges, depending on the element, up to EI 240 for wall panels and REI 120 for roof elements.

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Picture 3: Adapter profile - concealed mounting (spring adjusted)

Link: https://www.fischerprofil.de/sandwichelemente.aspx?productID=68b5873c-cddb-44eb-ac48-17ca17ec1e79

Adapter profile connects elements with PU foam and mineral fiber core

In order to securely connect the different sandwich wall elements with PU or mineral fibre core, Fischer Profil has developed a simple and professional transition solution with the matching adapter profile.

The adapter profile is always used when FischerTHERM (polyurethane rigid foam) is to be joined with FischerFIREPROOF MW (mineral wool core) sandwich elements in a vertical installation. The adapter panels are prefabricated at the factory to allow for easy and quick installation. On site, only the insertion of a sealing tape is required. The adapter profile is available for concealed and visible fixings, depending on requirements.

Also for FischerFIREPROOF MW the Colorcoat® premium coatings are available with their excellent corrosion protection and unique color and gloss retention. They are available with up to 40 years of Confidex® warranty and an additional warranty on the prism color stability of up to 20 years.

*FischerFIREPROOF® MW = Trimoterm (Marke der TRIMO-Gruppe)


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