FischerTHERM D® Green

Greening systems for roofs

Greenery on roofs is used in many, mainly urban environments, to plant the open spaces with a wide variety of vegetation. In addition to the aesthetic effect, the greenery also has a positive impact on its surroundings and ecological footprint of the building. They also improve the microclimate and air quality. Thanks to cooling in summer generated by shading, you save valuable energy. Green roofs on buildings are more than a sensible trend. They are effective measures against the consequences of progressive climate change.

The green roof system

The longitudinal joints of the sandwich elements are first sealed in the green roof area with a self-adhesive sealing tape (butyl tape). Drainage mats are inserted in the corrugations and covered with a filter fleece. Substrate is then filled in, which serves as the substrate for the sedum mats. Suitable plantings depend on the location of your building.
Das gesamte Zubehör für das FischerTHERM Carrier D® Green-System erhalten Sie über uns oder einen unserer Partner:

  • Drainage mat
  • Filter fleece
  • Substrate
  • Sedum mat

FischerTHERM D® Sandwich panels

Basis for the green roof system

  • Sandwichelemente FischerTHERM Carrier D® sind in den Dicken von 80 bis 180 mm erhältlich.
  • The construction width is 1,000 mm and the recommended maximum length is 26.4 meters
  • Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®® ist die perfekte Beschichtung
  • Our sandwich elements serve as root protection, which means that no further measures are necessary in this respect

FischerTHERM ® Green

Greening systems for facades

Our multiflexible carrier system for individual facade greening makes it possible to combine ground-based plants with all the advantages of a carrier facade.