FischerTRAPEZ® AK 165/250

Perforated trapezoidal profile for roofs and walls with a height of 161.5mm and 250mm rib width

The load-bearing trapezoidal profile FischerTRAPEZ® AK 165 / 250 is manufactured from a galvanised, AluZinc or pre-painted steel coil, depending on the customer's choice, and is delivered ready for installation. The perforations in the profile provide sound reduction. There are five different sheet thicknesses to choose from, ranging from 0.75 to 1.50mm, with weights from 10.9 to 21.9kg/m2. The maximum available length is 27m.

The "IFBS technical rules for lightweight metal construction" apply to the installation of FischerTRAPEZ®.

Declarations of performance

Declarations of performance are very important when providing specifiers with confirmation of European Standards in relation to the products they have used for their building. We provide a full library of DoPs in relation to our product which you can request here.

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