Trapezoidal profiles now with FM Approvals® certification®

Welcome to summer: The last few months the weather graced us with an alternation of sun, rain, hail and storms.

This does not leave buildings unscathed. Over the course of the year, they are repeatedly exposed to extreme conditions and many hazards - throughout their entire lives. That's why it's important to be able to trust that roof and wall elements can withstand such forces of nature. Now FischerTRAPEZ® has also received the certificate from FM Approvals® for the highest safety standards.

Our trapezoidal profiles have been successfully tested for their mechanical resistance and other properties at the FM Research and Test Center. They thus meet the high requirements of FM Standard 4451. The new FM Approvals apply to the products FischerTRAPEZ® FA 135/310, FischerTRAPEZ® FA 150/280, FischerTRAPEZ® FA 165/250 as well as FischerTRAPEZ® FA 200/375 . The FM certificate SAB FA 200R/750 is also valid for FischerTRAPEZ® FA 200/375. The sheet thickness can be selected between six different values from 0.75 to 1.50 mm. The maximum available length is up to 27 meters. 

FischerTRAPEZ® is one of the classics when it comes to the economical construction of aesthetic building envelopes. Depending on the project and the customer's requirements, the load-bearing trapezoidal profiles are made of either a galvanized, plastic-coated steel sheet, or a steel sheet coated with an aluminum-zinc layer. They are manufactured on our new modern computerized line and are suitable for roof and wall construction.

We are very pleased that the high performance of our trapezoidal profiles has now also been documented by an external authority. As a member of the FM Global Group, FM Approvals® is part of the world's largest industrial property insurance company, which operates its own research and test center in the USA. Here, among other things, the wind, hail and fire behavior of building products is independently evaluated and certified. Only products that pass FM Global's stringent tests receive the "FM Approved" test mark.

FischerTRAPEZ® FA with the certificate from FM Approvals® you get on request.

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