Glass facades

Curtain wall and back-ventilated glass facades with FischerTHERM Carrier and our cooperation partner Konvortec

  • Combination of the FischerTHERM Carrier System with the Konvortec system solution
  • Elegant and frameless look with fine, visible retaining brackets
  • Konvortec Wall® glass elements as a curtain wall and back-ventilated facade
  • Synergy of energy efficiency, economy and state-of-the-art facade technology

Glass facade with structural glazing

Das patentierte Konvortec-System „Structural Glazing“

  • Mounting of glass elements on facades without visible fastening
  • Ideal view of the facade

Illumination with Konvortec Shine

Individual lighting concepts

  • Decorative or artistic use of light outdoors and indoors
  • Two types of lighting: 
    • Effective use of backlighting
    • Illumination from the outside
  • State-of-the-art backlighting with LED
  • TV and monitor technology for lighting accents in indoor areas, such as offices, foyers and salesrooms
  • Spotlights and small spotlights for lighting from the outside

Environmentally conscious with Konvortec energy

Future-proof energy concept on the facade

  • Fastening the photovoltaic modules to the substructure with adapted system brackets
  • Quick and safe assembly of the solar modules
  • Solar energy generation combined with an attractive appearance

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