Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations (GSU) of Fischer Profil GmbH for External Companies


Health and safety at work have highest priority for Fischer Profil: We are convinced that all our activities can be safely performed. This principle not only applies for the employees of Fischer Profil but also for the employees of external companies on our company grounds, as well as in all company halls, buildings and the Fischer Profil outlet center. That means all statutory requirements regarding services to be rendered are known and complied with – such as legislation concerning health and safety at work, accident prevention regulations, rules, informational instructions and basic principles by the German statutory accident insurance (DGUV), by the trade association for wood and metals (BGHM), as well as national and European workplace and environmental protection regulations. If Fischer Profil draws attention to any safety deficiencies or requires additional, necessary safety measures for the performance of work, the external company shall be responsible for any costs possibly incurred thereby. The external company shall bear the costs of any civil liability claims in case of breaches against statutory regulations or any provisions by these GSU regulations by the company or its employees. The client shall reserve the right of termination without notice of the contract in case of violations, especially violations against environmental protection regulations, safety at work regulations, against fire prevention and/or criminal or administrative regulations. The regulations/annexes in the following are component parts of the contract concluded with the external company; additionally, they shall be used for the implementation of contents of the DGUV regulation 1. Upon acceptance of the order, the external company shall be committed to comply with these safety regulations. The external company agrees to instruct – prior to the beginning of work – its own employees, as well as potential subcontractors and their employees about the contents of the GSU. The external company shall document this and monitor its employees' compliance with the GSU. As of June 1, 2013, the safety regulations defined herein shall be a component part of any commissioning of contractual services which are to be carried out on Fischer Profil company grounds. Moreover, they can be perused at any time on the Fischer Profil Homepage . In case of select project plans, Fischer Profil shall reserve the right to specially stipulate contractually any additional, safety-relevant details.

2. Scope of Application

Subsequent "GSU-Vorschriften für Fremdfirmen" [HSE-Regulations for External Companies] shall apply to all external companies, enterprises as well as individual persons who perform contractual services with Fischer Profil or who stay with Fischer Profil. This information only includes the most important regulations and does not claim to be exhaustive.

3. Fundamentals of safety

External companies shall be obligated to take all precautions or measures required for the execution of statutory provisions for the protection of employees. Executive personnel of external companies shall have adequate knowledge thereof. All work shall be performed and/or supervised by reliable persons who know the associated hazards connected therewith. Upon the client's request, the following are to be presented: written risk assessments pursuant to Article (§) 6 of the Safety at Work Law, as well as operating instructions or safety data sheets. The employees of external companies shall be regularly instructed in occupational safety matters and such instructions shall be documented. The external company shall ensure perfect understanding among multilingual employees. Fischer Profil shall reserve the right to perform special safety instructions for the external personnel. Passageways, entrances, exits, emergency escape routes, as well as firefighting or rescue facilities shall always be kept clear and unobstructed. Traffic regulations shall apply on company grounds. Unlawfully parked vehicles can be towed away at the vehicle owner's expense.

4. General rules of conduct

4.1 Coordinator

The external company and Fischer Profil shall each appoint one coordinator as well as their deputies, as contacts and/or supervisory persons who coordinate their work on Fischer Profil company grounds. The Fischer Profil coordinator shall take over the legal obligations of proper instructions, supervision and coordination. Where appropriate, he or she shall coordinate the collaboration of several trades and issue the corresponding work permit. Instructions by the coordinator or other employees of Fischer Profil shall be absolutely complied with.

4.2 Employees signed in and signed out; staying on company grounds

The external company shall provide the coordinator with a complete list of those employees the company will use at Fischer Profil. Upon their first assignment on Fischer Profil company grounds, the coordinator shall provide instructions to the employees which they will document with their signature.

5. Prohibitions

At Fischer Profil, the following shall be especially prohibited: Page 4 of 14 - Smoking (except in smoke cabins)
- Bringing in and/or consumption of any sort of alcohol
- Bringing in and carrying weapons of any type
- Any private trading; in particular, any advertising and representative activity
- Taking photos and filming
- Any kind of political activity by parties
- Performing or participating in games of chance with or without any money at stake
- Pedestrians must not go through open gates, but much rather always use doors only
Violations shall be punished by denying entry to the works.

6. Trade secrets

Without the coordinator's permission, any files, drawings, documents, copies or blueprints, etc. may not be taken from operating areas and business premises or duplicated or made accessible to unauthorized persons and third parties. It shall be prohibited to take photos or film without authorization. Concerning any operating and business secrets, confidentiality shall be maintained for the duration of one's activity or work as well as for the time thereafter.

7. Liability

Fischer Profil shall not accept any liability whatsoever with regard to the loss or damage of materials, equipment, vehicles, facilities and other property values of the external company, its representatives and its employees. The external companies shall be liable for services and facilities provided until acceptance. They shall be liable for all damages caused by them and their work project representatives, according to statutory provisions. In particular, they shall be liable for any damages resulting from noncompliance with regulations and this external company guideline which they had to comply with. The external companies shall demonstrably certify to have taken out valid and adequate business liability insurance cover. Fischer Profil shall not be liable for damage resulting from noncompliance with the listed conditions. Also, no liability is accepted for any objects brought along by the contractor's employees.

8. Notification of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association

The external company concerned shall notify, at its own responsibility, the competent employers' liability insurance association of any construction work, structural steelwork, concrete work and prefabricated building work. Copy of the notification shall be transmitted to the Fischer Profil coordinator.

9. Work on company grounds

9.1 Setting up and securing construction sites on company grounds

Any setting up of construction sites in type and size for new construction or also for conversions or modifications shall be carried out in coordination with the Fischer Profil coordinator. The coordinator shall determine the necessity for perimeters. Construction site facilities, excavation pits, workplaces, etc. shall be:
- limited to a minimum amount of space for conversions or modifications so as to prevent any production obstacles
- properly secured and signposted day and night; in case of work on and at roads and walkways, the construction site is to be adequately lit at night
- provided with protective roofs to protect against materials or tools dropping down; or, the hazard zone is to be secured appropriately; workplaces with any risk of falling are to be specially designated and secured
- provided with a sign in a clearly visible place, the sign indicating the name of the external company performing the work
- provided with black and yellow warning markers (all parts of the construction site facilities presenting hazards for the general works traffic)
The external company shall, on its own, regularly dispose of building rubble and garbage. Company disposal facilities and systems are to be used only upon approval by the Fischer Profil coordinator. Accumulating residual material shall be removed without being requested to do so.

9.2 Notice of completion and records of work performed

Services rendered shall be principally accepted by Fischer Profil. The external company shall provide proof of the services or performance carried out. This shall be done on the basis of contractual stipulations (e.g. acceptance of performance). The external company shall prepare daily records of work performed and have them initialed by the Fischer Profil coordinator. The external company shall be responsible not only for rendering a complete documentation in accordance with generally applicable regulations and an individual contractual agreement but also for the instruction of Fischer Profil personnel in terms of safety-relevant applications.

10. Special risks and hazards at Fischer Profil

10.1 Mortal danger due to automatic fire extinguishing systems

The server room in Administration and the mainframe or host computer room in Hall 5 are equipped with automatic fire extinguishing systems These areas are designated with informational signs. Upon hearing an uninterrupted warning signal, all persons must immediately leave the corresponding area of work. After expiration of a time delay, a gaseous extinguishing agent penetrates the rooms and displaces the breathable air.
Acute risk of suffocation will result.

10.2 Risk of accidents due to crane systems

There is a risk due to loads falling down; never step under or close to suspended loads. Pay attention to visual warning signals in case of crane movements. Many crane systems are moved by remote control. When work is done in the area of movement of crane systems, they shall be disabled. Caution is called for when working in the vicinity of open crane contact lines; serious hazard due to electrical shock.

10.3 Risks of accidents due to automatically starting production plants

Some plants and machines in the production areas are automatically controlled. Prior to beginning their work, external companies must inform themselves in-depth about the environment or surroundings of the respective area of work.

10.4 Risk of accidents due to in-house transportation

The high volume of in-house transportation (especially by trucks and forklifts) results in elevated hazards on FISCHER PROFIL premises. Pedestrians may only come closer to a forklift truck if they signaled this beforehand to the driver and once the driver shut off the forklift truck. Depending on the size of the forklift, the safety distance between forklift truck and pedestrian shall be one to five meters.

11. Cleanliness and order

External companies and their employees are requested to care for cleanliness and order at the respective workplace, on traffic routes, as well as in looker rooms and recreational areas.

11.1 Waste disposal

See here Clause 9.1

12. Conduct in emergencies

Emergency phone number 7112 or 112
In case of siren alarm (prolonged siren sound), buildings/halls must be left immediately and the meeting place must be gone to. If greater amounts of hazardous substances leaked which must not get into the sewage system, the Fischer Profil coordinator or another Fischer Profil employee must be informed so that the sewer influx can be closed and external help can be called, if necessary. Information must also be provided if hazardous substances already entered the soil.
The designated escape routes and emergency exits shall always be kept clear.

13. Medical care / reporting accidents

The contractor itself shall ensure first aid. If required, the Fischer Profil coordinator shall provide support in this respect. Any first aid assistance in case of an accident or any accident at work, fire, gas eruptions, emissions, any leakage of liquids, etc. shall be immediately reported to the Fischer Profil coordinator or at the reception desk. The following shall also be immediately reported to the Fischer Profil coordinator: Accident events without personal damage, so-called near-accidents, or unsafe actions/conditions where persons might have been injured.
The accident and/or first aid records kept by Fischer Profil shall not release external companies from their obligation to report accidents with the Employers' Liability Insurance Association (BG) and with the trade supervisory authority/district government, department of occupational safety.

14. Environmental protection

The statutory provisions of environmental protection in terms of water, soil and air pollution control, waste disposal and noise protection shall be complied with in any and all activities on Fischer Profil company grounds. This also means that, when using any type of materials, the provisions of the Hazardous Substances Regulations for the protection of employees and the environment shall be complied with. If the external company takes along water-polluting or combustible substances prior to performing its work, any equipment required for possibly necessary safeguarding activities in case of leakages and the release of substances shall also be carried along (absorption agents, fire extinguisher, etc.). The external companies themselves shall dispose of any accumulated wastes in accordance with the provisions of the waste legislation and the legal regulations issued in this respect – such as the Technical Instructions for storage, physical and biological treatment and for the combustion of wastes requiring special supervision (TI Wastes).
Führt die Fremdfirma vor Ausübung ihrer Tätigkeit wassergefährdende oder brennbare Stoffe mit, so sind notwendige Ausrüstungen zur ggf. erforderlichen Sicherung bei Leckagen und Freisetzungen von Stoffen mitzuführen (Aufsaugmittel, Feuerlöscher usw.).
Anfallende Abfälle haben die Fremdfirmen selbst, entsprechend den Bestimmungen des Abfallgesetzes und den hierzu erlassenen Rechtsverordnungen, wie z. B. der Technischen Anleitung zur Lagerung, chemisch-physikalischen und biologischen Behandlung und Verbrennung von besonders überwachungsbedürftigen Abfällen (TA Abfall), zu entsorgen.

15. Work clothes / PPE

External companies shall be responsible for their employees using and/or wearing suitable work clothes and equipment depending on their activity on Fischer Profil premises.

16. Vehicles of external companies; insurance papers and drivers' licenses for vehicles of external companies

Unless contractually regulated, any use of Fischer Profil vehicles and implements shall not be permitted (especially those requiring special qualifications, e.g. forklift trucks). Vehicles of external companies must have successfully passed the mandatory security clearance. Liability insurance must have been taken out for the corresponding vehicle. Vehicles not officially registered but used on the works premises must be in roadworthy condition.
Vehicles of external companies may only enter the premises for operational reasons and be parked overnight only upon approval by the Fischer Profil coordinator. They must not disturb the business operation. The Fischer Profil coordinator shall allocate the parking spaces. The entry permit may be suspended or revoked at any time.

17. Implements, tools, materials, machinery and equipment

All safety regulations shall be complied with for any tools, machines, vehicles and implements (e.g. forklift trucks, electrical equipment, etc.) used by the external company or persons working on their behalf regarding the implementation of contractual work on Fischer Profil company premises. Corresponding inspection log books shall exist for systems or plants requiring supervision. Working equipment (e.g. mobile electrical units, ladders, etc.) shall be regularly inspected. Inspection stickers must be available on the working equipment. Portable connecting cables shall be laid in a mechanically protected manner. Damages by industrial trucks – such as forklifts – shall be guarded against. Relevant regulations for transportation (e.g. gas/oxygen cylinders) and for securing the load shall be complied with for all materials and working means.
Die Arbeitsmittel (z. B. ortsveränderliche Elektrogeräte, Leitern etc.) müssen regelmäßig geprüft sein. Prüfplaketten müssen am Arbeitsmittel vorhanden sein. Ortsveränderliche Anschlussleitungen sind mechanisch geschützt zu verlegen. Beschädigungen durch Flurförderfahrzeug, wie z.B. Gabelstaplern sind vorzubeugen.
Für alle Materialien und Arbeitsmittel sind hinsichtlich des Transportes die einschlägigen Vorschriften zur Beförderung (z.B. Gas-/Sauerstoffflaschen) und der Ladungssicherung einzuhalten.

18. Special safety requirements

18.1 Loading

See Annex No. 1 Safety notes - Loading information

18.2 Work permits

The Fischer Profil coordinator shall issue work permits (see sample, Annex No. 2) for the following work having an increased risk:
- Welding/separating/flame cutting/grinding work
- Working at heights
- Working at the pentane plant or with hazardous substances
- Work on live plants and implements

18.3 Work with open flames, e.g. welding/separating/flame-cutting/grinding work

A written work permit shall always be required for carrying out construction and repair work and when using open flames (this also includes oxyacetylene welding and electric welding, as well as spark-generating work).
On roof areas, welding/separating/flame cutting/grinding work shall only be carried out by qualified companies (see also Art. 18.10 Working at heights).
Fischer Profil shall reserve the right to interrupt or abandon work at the expense of the external company if fire protection measures are not complied with. The external company shall be fully responsible and liable for recourse concerning any damages resulting due to noncompliance with the instruction.
For all welding and flame-cutting work on Fischer Profil company premises, only devices without defects may be used which are provided with a flashback arrester in the tube upstream of the pressure-reducing valve and which have the test label by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association.
The aforementioned flashback arrester is functionally not applicable when using propane / butane gas cylinders as a low-pressure fuel gas and is inapplicable in such cases. In case of interruption and/or termination of welding and flame-cutting work, it is to be assured that the cylinder valves are closed and that the tube system is no longer under pressure.
Basically, not more than one half of the daily stock of oil, gasoline, paint, thinner, glue may be kept ready in buildings and on roof areas. All combustible liquids having a flash point of 55 °C (highly flammable) or below and whose introduction into buildings or their use on roof areas is unavoidable shall be kept in unbreakable, absolutely tightly sealable vessels. The provisions of the Industrial Safety Regulation shall be taken into account in this connection.
See also Art. 18.11 Hazardous substances

18.4 Potentially explosive areas

See Art. 18.11 Hazardous substances / pentane plant
Entry of designated potentially explosive areas shall be principally prohibited for unauthorized persons.

18.5. Working in the vicinity of or working on live plants and equipment

A written work permit shall be filled out if work is to be done on live plants and equipment.
Any work on live, uninsulated electrical lines or plant parts shall be principally prohibited. Cutoff or partial cutoff of the electrical current shall be applied for well in advance with the Fischer Profil coordinator. Unauthorized activities on electrical equipment shall be strictly prohibited.

18.6 Power supply systems

Power supply systems (medium and low voltage) up to the points of supply shall be predominantly serviced and maintained by qualified electricians of Fischer Profil. In case of repair and maintenance orders for external companies, any switching activities shall only be done by qualified electricians and after prior coordination with the responsible Fischer Profil coordinator.

18.7 Supply lines

Water and waste water lines, supply and disposal lines shall be exposed or shut off by the external company only after prior agreement with the Fischer Profil coordinator.

18.8 Work on gas lines

Work on gas lines may be carried out exclusively by authorized specialist companies. The pertinent accident prevention regulations shall be strictly complied with.

18.9 Blasting operations, demolition work, breaking work and excavations

These types of work may only be performed by specialists with corresponding permits, as well as in compliance with all necessary safety measures and applicable provisions. The contracted external company shall procure already beforehand any plans about the location of possible supply lines.

18.10 Pressurized air tests

Tests on pressurized air lines may only be performed by specialist companies.

18.11 Working at heights

a) Work permits
A filled out work permit must be submitted for working at heights, including roofing work.
b) Working on and in the vicinity of crane systems
Prior to the beginning of work, coordination and performance of all necessary safety measures must have been done. This also concerns any work with lifting platforms or mobile crane trucks in traveling areas of rail-mounted works crane systems.
c) Safety measures against falls
Scaffoldings must be properly set up and used according to their purpose, as well as labeled or marked (including company name). Lifting platforms may only be operated by trained and instructed persons. Fall or crash safety devices shall be used if work in elevated workplaces cannot be done from the scaffolding area. This shall apply, in particular, for work on roofs, cranes and on crane tracks. The external companies shall exclusively use qualified persons for roofing work.
d) Condition of items of equipment
All equipment and items used for working at heights shall be in accordance with statutory regulations in terms of condition, inspection, labeling, etc.
e) Responsibilities of the scaffolding contractor
The executing scaffolding contractor shall be responsible for the safe assembly and disassembly of scaffoldings, work platforms and of scaffolding structures on cranes. The scaffolding shall be assembled in accordance with the standard execution or in conformity with the proof of usability. The external company shall be responsible for the perfect condition of the scaffolding parts, for the prescribed reviews of the operational safety of the scaffolds and for the clear and permanent statutory labeling of the scaffolds after completion.
f) Responsibilities of the scaffolding user
Every external company using scaffolds (movable/not movable), working platforms and scaffolding structures on cranes shall be responsible for:
- Review of conspicuous defects prior to use
- Intended use of scaffolding
- Instruction of the company's personnel
- Maintenance of operational safety. Scaffoldings are to be permanently monitored; this applies particularly after prolonged interruptions of work, as well as after storm, frost and other natural phenomena.
- Maintenance of condition and cleaning. Unauthorized changes in the scaffolding shall be prohibited.
g) Ladders for work
Ladders may only be used for work of a lesser extent and with minor loads. Ladders must be in accordance with statutory requirements; they must have valid proof of inspections and may only be used by persons having received instructions.

18.12 Hazardous substances / pentane plant

A written work permit is to be filled out if work is to be done at the pentane plant or with hazardous substances. If an external company plans the use of hazardous substances, Fischer Profil shall be submitted beforehand a valid safety data sheet, a risk analysis and operating instructions. Under no circumstances may hazardous substances get into the sewage system or into the soil. Damages shall be immediately reported to the Fischer Profil coordinator or to the safety specialist and/or the environmental officer of Fischer Profil. External companies shall not bring substances onto the Fischer Profil plant grounds which are listed in the list of substances of the Chemicals Prohibition Regulation.

a) Handling, storage and disposal
Hazardous substances shall be handled in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Regulation and the legislation on environmental protection and on water resources protection. Hazardous substances which must be used on the construction site may only be stored if
- they are labeled;
- the storage location is particularly locked up;
- the risks or dangers connected therewith are known to the responsible and instructed employees.
Hazardous substances shall only be provided in approved containers and with the corresponding technical protection systems, and they shall be designated with their name and hazard symbol.
After termination of the work, the hazardous substances used are to be immediately removed by the external company from the construction or assembly site. The external company shall be responsible for the professional disposal of wastes, residual substances, empty containers, etc. accumulating in connection with the order.


Annex No. 1 : Safety notes - Loading information

Annex No. 2 : Annex No. 2 please refer to the pdf file of this Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.