When fastening FischerTHERM® wall panels, it is simply unavoidable that indentations occur in the approx. 0.5mm thick outer skin around the screw area. Otherwise, there is a risk that the wall panels are not sufficiently tightened to the substructure and may rattle on a windy day.

In building practice it is not possible to fix such panels without any visible deformation, maximum permissible dell depths are not to be found in building permits or other literature.

Depending on the type of coating, the degree of gloss and the angle of incidence of the sun or lighting radiation, these dents can be perceived differently.

Even 0.5mm deep dents are visible in certain conditions.

In this respect, these types of visual irregularities are to a certain extent to be accepted as system-related and so common. One of the well-known experts of this construction method, Mr. Dipl. Ing. Kniese, assumes a dell depth of about 3mm, which still has to be accepted.

We have carried out our own screwing tests and consider a dell depth in the direct area of the washer of 2mm to be acceptable in any case.

Such deformations have absolutely no disadvantages regarding the quality or durability of the installed elements or the function of the wall.

Netphen, March 2001

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