A real eye-catcher: the combination of FischerTHERM and FischerTHERM W

The ready-to-install FischerTHERM and FischerTHERM W wall panels differ first and foremost in their appearance – and that is what makes them special. Both wall panels can be combined quickly and easily. This means that it is not necessary to decide on only one design for the facade; instead, a wide range of individual design options is possible.

The combination of FischerTHERM and FischerTHERM W wall panels covers all desires in terms of facade design in industrial and commercial construction. The panel joint is uniformly matching and allows a diverse combination of the different surface textures with the aim of creating customized solutions. There are really no limits to the design: The corrugated FischerTHERM W sandwich panel can be combined with all seven surface finishes of the FischerTHERM panel. That is how accents can be set in a targeted manner and certain sections of the building can be emphasized.

Both products are available in different thicknesses and impress with their low weight. Both the facade joints of FischerTHERM 80 and FischerTHERM W 100 and the joints of FischerTHERM 100 and FischerTHERM W 120 can be seamlessly joined. All FischerTHERM wall panels also have excellent thermal insulation and air tightness, which is further improved by the optional DUO seal . Depending on the tongue and groove combination (type 1 - 4), the DUO seal can also be incorporated in the transition between the two panels. It is installed at the factory and enables additional energy savings of up to 10 percent. The determined joint permeability coefficient (a-value) even exceeds the target value specified in the DIN standards by a factor of 100.

For the combination of FischerTHERM and FischerTHERM W we also offer our unique coating products . They combine sophisticated aesthetics with high corrosion protection. You can choose between the premium coatings Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® as well as a wide range of available shades with excellent UV protection. Both premium coatings are covered by our Confidex® Guarantee with up to 40 years of protection.

Please note when ordering: The combination of both sandwich elements must already be specified in your order. For this purpose please use this order form. When filling out the order form, you should ensure that you specify the correct type and select the correct laying direction. Of course, our team at Fischer Profil is always available to answer your questions. For this purpose, please send a short mail to: mailto:info@fischerprofil.de


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