New lightweight roof element FischerTHERM® Eco D

Whether new construction or reconstruction - sandwich panels are the ideal solution for buildings with mono-pitch roofs, including factory buildings, barns, or stables.

Our new lightweight FischerTHERM ECO roof element convinces with the same thermal insulation as our FischerTHERM Roof. Compared to the normal sandwich elements, however, it is significantly more cost-effective. The savings can be achieved by an aluminum foil on the inside.

FischerTHERM ECO D 70 has a trapezoidally profiled outer shell made of plastic tape-coated sheet steel and a highly heat-insulating foam core. Unlike our previous product portfolio of sandwich roof elements, the steel inner shell has been replaced here by a thin aluminum stucco coating. The Eco profiles thus have the same thermal insulation, but are lighter and significantly more cost-efficient.

The advantages of FischerTHERM Eco D:

  • Good static values: Due to 3-bead trapezoidal profiling
  • Excellent thermal insulation: Rigid polyurethane foam core for perfect insulation
  • Static safety: Due to type-tested cross-section and design values according to DIN EN 1993-1-3
  • Efficient installation: Low weight 6.6 kg/m² and panel lengths up to 18 meters
  • Cost-effective: Due to ECO variant with aluminium foil on the inside
  • Protection against corrosion: Thanks to the premium coatings Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® for roofs with a long service life and many different color options

The innovative FischerTHERM Eco D 70 roof panels combine high cost-efficiency with a low weight, making it the optimal solution for a vast number of construction projects.

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