Let there be light:
Fischer domelight crown for FischerTHERM D

Whether in production and assembly halls, factories or office buildings, domelights are a must in the modern industrial building. They ensure optimal illumination with natural daylight as well as improved ventilation/air extraction. Fischer Profil also has the appropriate fixture for this purpose: The domelight crown. It serves as a connection between the roof-element and domelight.

The Fischer domelight crown for FischerTHERM D is highly modern, insulated with double walls, and has been manufactured especially for FischerTHERM roof geometry.
The Beso Metallbau GmbH company is specialized in the production of such crowns. Experts when it comes to bespoke aluminum designs for metal roofs, they are always on hand to help us, and supported Fischer Profil in drawing up assembly instructions, among other things. We are happy to provide these instructions on request.

And by the way: Domelights can also be used as smoke- and heat- extraction (RWA) systems. However, a special supporting construction must be installed prior to assembly.


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