Fischer Profil, a Tata Steel Europe company, is expanding its FischerTHERM® Fischer Profil, a Tata Steel Europe company, is expanding its FischerTHERM SKINROCK® and will present them at BAU 2019 in Munich. The curtain-type, rear-ventilated façade combines the technical advantages and ease of installation of his system with a wafer-thin layer of natural slate or quartzite. Architects and planners can thus combine cost-effectiveness with the aesthetics of natural stone surfaces even in commercial and industrial buildings.

The natural stone material is applied in thin layers of one millimeter on a carrier foil made of glass fiber reinforced polyester fleece. Due to this structure, the slabs weigh just 2.8 kg/m. The factory bonding on a metal façade panel (e.g. Montaline) also makes them very dimensionally stable. The panels are mounted directly in the sandwich carrier rail using fasteners approved by the building authorities, which in turn are mounted directly in the outer shell of the sandwich element and do not require any further substructure.

With the new SKINROCK extension of the FischerTHERM Carrier façade system, architects, planners and designers also have many design possibilities. Because the natural stone slabs are available in different decors and different construction widths. These include Shining Tree, Shining Leaves, Shining Hill, Ocean Green, Cooper Natural, Jungle Fire and Golden Shine in the formats 120 x 60 cm and 250 x 120 cm and on request even oversized formats. Thanks to the support rail, the panels can be laid horizontally and vertically with the standard head bend.

The innovative DUO seal of FischerTHERM sandwich elements ensures excellent thermal insulation and tightness of the joints between the elements. As a result, the energy consumption of buildings can be reduced by up to ten percent, as shown by investigations and tests at the Institute for Steel Construction at the RWTH Aachen University.

In addition to a very low total surface weight of approx. 13 kg/m², the façade system offers further advantages: The invisible fastening creates large unbroken surfaces with the highest bending strength at the same time. Due to the high flexibility of the system, it is also possible to integrate precisely fitting architectural elements or shaped parts. The digital BIM data of the panels and the high degree of prefabrication pay off for the planning and construction of the facades, as the installation can be carried out quickly and regardless of weather conditions.

"With SKINROCK, architects and planners can now give industrial and commercial buildings a natural stone look - without the weight restrictions of conventional stone materials and at the same time with the advantages of our functional, cost-effective and sustainable FischerTHERM Carrier System", explains Mario Kenda, New Product Development Manager at Fischer Profil. 

Fischer Profil is one of the leading suppliers of structural elements for steel building envelopes. As an innovative company, Fischer Profil convinces with forward-looking technologies for highly insulating sandwich elements. For over 80 years Fischer Profil has been setting global standards in metal construction with innovative solutions. FischerTHERM Carrier and FischerTHERM Solar are among the latest developments.

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