New: Colorcoat Prisma® – Textured now available as premium coating

The Colorcoat® range of pre-finished steel products from Tata Steel has now been manufactured for over 50 years. Considered a technical leader worldwide, it is utilized for building envelopes in countless industrial and commercial buildings. But we're not resting on our laurels: To give you even more options for the visual appearance of your facades, the new Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured finish is now available at Fischer Profil!

The three-layer premium coating achieves a new level of aesthetics with its robust and textured surface: the textured effect gives the pre-finished steel an exciting illusion of depth and a multi-tonal feel. At the same time, its gloss level of less than 5% minimizes light reflections enormously. Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured offers a unique finish without sacrificing functionality and durability.

It offers a wide range of options. Any solid or metallic colour found on the Colorcoat Prisma®- Colour chart is available with a textured clearcoat.

Which buildings are best suited for Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured? With a nominal thickness of 70 microns, Colorcoat Prisma® is the ideal choice for both roof and wall cladding of commercial, retail, warehouse, and sophisticated aesthetic buildings. The natural effect of Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured results in a unique building finish that is robust, high-end, and high quality.

Thanks to Tata Steel’s Confidex® Guarantee, you also have unique peace of mind that your building remains protected for up to 40 years after registration. For additional services in the form of technical support or advice, please contact us at any time.

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