Innovative facade design with FischerTHERM® Carrier and Konvortec Wall® glass elements

Who says, the builder, the planner, or architect can’t have it all? An economical facade solutionthat also meets the highest standards of design, variety, and individuality .
The FischerTHERM Carrier facade consists of double-layer wall cladding: Within this facade, the FischerTHERM Carrier sandwich element is combined with the back-ventilated Konvortec glass curtain wall.

Combined synergy of energy efficiency, economy, and the latest facade technology makes the FischerTHERM Carrier system an innovative facade solution for industrial and commercial construction. Especially when used creatively, glass is the perfect material for implementing unique accents. The combination of various facade surfaces offers varied and aesthetically impressive options for use.

FischerTHERM Carrier sandwich elements link efficient thermal insulation with innovative, elegant glass elements. They have the potential to increase the value of a building many times over. Make sure you are on the safe side long-term with the Fischer DUO seal– featuring outstanding insulating properties and maximum airtightness. The premium coating Colorcoat Prisma®combines optimal corrosion resistance and cut edge protection with the form and function of the building envelope to offer even more value.

The individual solution to greater freedom

The high-quality Konvortec Wall® System for back-ventilated curtain walls is the perfect solution for a variety of application and ensures quick, precise, customized installation. An elegant, frameless look with visible fine retaining brackets is the resulting focal point when combining the Fischer Carrier System and Konvortec system solution. It is the unmistakable hallmark of a technically advanced system. Variable cross bars made of aluminum, tempered safety glass in various shapes and colors, and small joint seals give an exclusive, high-end look. The multifunctional system forms a building envelope that is both weatherproof and durable. It enables the production of refined, cost-effective designs for industrial lightweight construction as well.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • Outstanding thermal insulation: The hybrid facade reduces energy usage for heating or cooling
  • First class joint sealants: Save energy efficiently with DUO-Seal sparen Sie effizient Energie
  • Easy installation and large space between supports: Without additional substructure
  • Low-cost overall concept compared to similar building techniques: Decrease in construction periods

Other innovative options include:

  • Structural Glazing : Glass facades without visible fasteners
  • Konvortec shine : Backlit facades. Impressive. Clear. Prestigious.
  • Konvortec energy : Photovoltaic and solar facades


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