FischerTHERM plus mit Xtrem-Linierung

The economical solution for large spans in single span systems

FischerTHERM plus mit Xtrem-Linierung

Our FischerTHERM and FischerTHERM plus Sandwich elements enable Xtreme spans. Cost-intensive substructures and construction costs can thus be reduced. Static inspection required in any case.
When optionally equipped at the factory with our Fischer DUO seal heating costs of approx. 2€/m² per year can be saved. This calculation is based on heat generation costs of 0.08 €/kWh.

We offer the unique Xtrem liner on our through-bolted sandwich wall panels and on panels with concealed fasteners.
With FischerTHERM plus, spans of up to 9 meters can thus be achieved.

The sandwich wall panels can be executed with Xtrem lamination on the inside. To achieve a unique appearance for your project, Xtrem lamination can be combined with up to six different surface finishes on the outside. Here there is more information about the surface finishes.

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