Fischer Profil rises above in safety and quality:
The optimised lifting clamp

The risk of injury in building construction is far higher than in other industries. The inadequate condition of construction safety equipment can also lead to an increase in severity of potential injury – meaning that regular quality assurance is particularly crucial. We want to prevent these risks and Fischer Profil understands the importance of safety in construction technology. Safe solutions to prevent various hazards are provided, for example, by suitable lifting clamps that facilitate the handling of construction components..

In cooperation with the Carl Stahl Group, we have modified and optimised the well-established lifting clamp and precisely adapted it to the requirements of our elements.

The Fischer lifting clamp of the "CGSMVS" series was developed and manufactured by our colleagues at Carl Stahl particularly for lifting, turning, and relocating sandwich panels. With its optimally dimensioned gripping range, it is ideally suited for these special requirements. It not only offers safe handling, but also protects against possible damage to panels or plates thanks to its precision-designed contact pressure.

The advantages of our new lifting clamp at a glance:

  • Form-fitting lifting, turning, and laying of sandwich panels
  • Protection against marks or damage due to specially coated gripper jaws
  • Easy change of the grippeing jaw for different profiles
  • Adjustability of the gripping area

How exactly does the lifting clamp work? With a form-fitting clamping jaw, the lifting clamp presents a particularly stable lifting device. Its lever mechanism functions with a chain hanger and accurately generates the required contact pressure – entirely based on the tare weight of the load. Different load thicknesses are also no problem for the Fischer lifting clamp through its adjustable perforated grid. And any deviation in thickness is easily compensated for by the lever of the lifting clamp.

Fischer Profil aim to be at the forefront of technology. Be it with new developments or the optimisation of our portfolio, innovation is at their heart.

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