FischerTRAPEZ with new steel grade and thickness

In addition to the proven steel grade S320, we now also offer the even more economical steel grade S350!

Our load-bearing trapezoidal profiles FischerTRAPEZ® are impressive not only for their mechanical resistance and fire behavior, but also for the wide range of profile geometries that can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the project. Our pronounced customer focus is also reflected in this range of profiles.

The extended strength of FischerTRAPEZ S350 allows for longer spans, which enormously minimizes further financial expenses for additional substructures. We thus offer steel grade S350 as a particularly economical solution for trapezoidal profiles to provide you with consistently high quality at improved cost efficiency.
The following trapezoidal profiles on request are available in steel grade S350: FischerTRAPEZ 85/280, 100/275, 135/310, 150/280, 165/250, but also 200/375 and 200/420.
Other products in S350 will be available soon.

But it is not only the steel grade of Fischer Profil that has been optimized:
For some trapezoidal profiles we have another sheet thickness in our assortment. The sheet thickness of 1.13 mm for S320 is available for the products FischerTRAPEZ 135/310, 150/280, 165/250, but also 200/375 and 200/420.

In this way, Fischer Profil always stays up to date by constantly expanding its product portfolio and identifying new opportunities.

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