Support of the energy turnaround

in industrial and commercial construction

  • Upgrading FischerTHERM® elements with photovoltaic systems
  • Development in close cooperation with K2 Systems
  • Meeting increasing demand and developing
    replicable modular solutions

PV systems on roof elements

  • Direct connection on FischerTHERM D with SpeedRail system from K2
  • Time-saving installation without changing tools: direct connection with thin sheet metal screws, no roof substructure required
  • Floating system with thermal breaks does not exert tensile forces on the roof cladding
  • Planning-safe fastening system - conforms to approval requirements
    Proof of stability therefore possible (as a precaution with static planning) - to be carried out by specialist contractor only
  • PV mounting system with approval for direct connection on sandwich elements
    • General technical approval: procedure in progress

FischerTHERM Carrier with PV systems

  • Prototype development of a PV solution on sandwich wall elements
  • Mounting of an individual rail on FischerTHERM Carrier
  • PV mounting system for facade elements 
  • Extremely fast and easy assembly without changing tools
  • Coming soon: Installation in new construction

Meeting of two market leaders

  • Since 2020, intensive talks on the development of system solutions in industrial and commercial construction
  • Upgrading the advanced sandwich elements with PV power generation
  • Meeting of two market leaders for the further development of sustainable building solutions and regenerative energy generation with photovoltaics
  • In the future, close cooperation in the further development of assembly systems and software-supported planning aids