If cutting is required, e.g., for roof apertures, notches and adjustments at the roof edge, non-sparking tools should be used.

For cutting FischerTHERM®, compass saws with a high depth of cut and matching saw blades with a pitch of approx. 1mm or a hand-held circular saw should be used. To cut profiled sheets and edge profiles, electrical plate shears or nibblers, which give a neat cut even when cutting in a crosswise direction, should be used.

Cutting FischerTHERM sandwich panels requires the utmost care so as to prevent cover sheets coming apart due to incorrect handling or blunt or unsuitable saw blades.

Elemente sollten möglichst dort geschnitten werden, wo sie durch andere Bauelemente oder Kantprofile verdeckt werden. Nach Einbau sichtbare Schnitte und vor allem bewitterte Schnitte von Bauelementen sollten mit Ausbesserungslack nachbehandelt werden.

Wall panels should be positioned with the outer sheet at the bottom. It is recommended that the area where cutting will take place is supported using wooden boards and screw clamps. The panels should be cut in places that will be covered by other building elements or folded profiles.

Cuts in panels, which will be visible after installation or which will be exposed to weathering, should be retouched using suitable lacquer. Do not use parting-off grinders as the metallic coating in the cutting area and thereby the cathodic protection would be destroyed. Coated exposed areas of sheet should be protected from sparks, otherwise small steel chips may lead to corrosion within a short time. In addition to these tools, you will need tools such as hand-held plate shears, folding tongs, hammers, tri-square, adjustable square, etc.

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