Conditions of participation for the raffle:

"Customer survey 2022"

1. Organizer

1.1  The organizer of the raffle is the company Fischer Profil GmbH, represented by the managing directors Gordon Brede and Michael Wahl.

1.2  This raffle is not affiliated with Meta Platforms, Inc, LinkedIn Inc, or any other social media provider on which this raffle may be announced.

2. Raffle

2.1  The organizer organizes a raffle. For this purpose, it has provided several prizes and will issue them to the winner or winners in accordance with the following conditions.

2.2  Participation in the competition does not require the purchase of any goods or services.

3. Participation

3.1  Participation in the competition is free of charge. No paid services have to be used for participation.

3.2  The participant takes part in the competition by fulfilling the conditions of participation.
This is in particular the proper completion and successful sending of the Customer survey. A further requirement for participation in the competition is the entry of a valid e-mail address in the answer field of question 33 of the customer survey.

3.3  Participants are always only a specific natural person, legal entities can not participate. Multiple participation, for example under a pseudonym or other e-mail addresses, is excluded and will lead to exclusion from the competition. 

3.4  The requirements for participation must be fulfilled during the duration of the competition and must be transmitted to the organizer by the means described in 3.2. Participation by other means than the one offered for participation (e.g. other e-mail address of the organizer) is excluded and will not be considered. Participation applications submitted before or after this will not be considered.

3.5  Participation is possible from the age of 18.

4. Period of participation

The raffle entry period is: October 27, 2022 through December 15, 2022 11:45pm.

5. Determination of the winners

The winners of the raffle will be drawn at random from all participants who meet the requirements (see 3. Participation).

6. Prizes of the raffle

The following three prizes will be drawn from among all participants who meet the requirements (see 3. Participation):

  1. Short vacation for 2 people with 2 nights stay 
  2. 100 € Amazon voucher
  3. 50 € Amazon voucher

7. Winning notification

The e-mail address entered in the answer field of question 33 of the customer survey will be used as the contact for notification of the prize in the event of a win. 

8. Exclusion of participation

The following persons are excluded from participating in the competition: all employees of Fischer Profil GmbH and its affiliated companies.

9. Data protection

The collected e-mail addresses will be stored by the organizer for the duration of the competition. The e-mail addresses will be stored exclusively for the purpose of drawing the prizes and notifying the winners and will not be used for any other purpose. After successful notification of the winners and transmission of the prizes, all collected e-mail addresses will be deleted.