Our Team

Silke Schuh

Sales: Central-West sales region 

Silke has been working for Fischer Profil as Regional Sales Manager South West for over 13 years. Since then, she has been involved in challenging architectural projects from planning to completion - an aspect she particularly likes about her job.
Silke spends her everyday life with her two pet tigers Paul and Gina-Lisa.

Saky Shaaban

Sales: Central-West sales region (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Saky has been working as a field sales manager in North Rhine-Westphalia since January 2018. He started at Fischer Profil back in 2002.
He is supported by his colleagues in the office, Anna Kalafati and Saskia Bäcker, as well as by his dog Figo.

Nadine Schmidt

Sales: Central-West sales region 

Nadine Schmidt has been an integral part of Fischer Profil's internal sales team since 2018. Since spring 2021, she has also taken over the management of the internal sales team. 
She can't do without her tomcats Batman and Maui.

Stefan Reusch

Sales: Central-West sales region 

Stefan Reusch is Area Sales Manager South and has been with Fischer Profil since 2019. He is in charge of the South-West sales area together with his colleagues Nadine Schmidt and Silke Schuh.
He can switch off best in the forest, with loud music to his ears.

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