Laying plans

Laying plans/detailed drawings must be available on site for checking. The following details should be shown:

Folgende Einzelheiten sollten ersichtlich sein:

  • Intended profiled panels with profile description
  • Element thickness and length
  • Structural systems for building elements
  • Installation direction
  • Intended fasteners with type designation, arrangement and spacing, special installation instructions depending on the type of connection (e.g., drill hole diameter and tightening torque)
  • Details of substructure, centre distance, design of supports, details of longitudinal and transverse edges of the laid surface
  • Expansion joints
  • Apertures including framings, e.g. for rows of windows, domelights, smoke and heat outlets, roof drainage, etc.
  • Superstructures or suspended structures (e.g., for pipework, bundles of cables, suspended ceilings)

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