Before the actual installation, the division of the building elements on the roof or ceiling or wall surfaces according to the installation plan must be marked on the substructure by marking the construction widths.

The cladding elements must be handled very carefully, especially the coated surfaces; it is recommended to work with clean working gloves. It should always be remembered that a high-quality finished construction element is installed, in which the shell and the finishing are combined in one operation. Protective foils on surfaces of construction elements must be removed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Larger deformations, especially kinks at the edges of the construction elements, can reduce the load-bearing capacity. If the required load-bearing safety is no longer given, components damaged in this way must not be installed. The elements of open packages must be secured against storms, especially after the end of work.

A weighting is generally not sufficient. Tensioning by ropes or cords must be used.

In the case of roof installations with a fall height of more than 3 m, fall protection devices must be provided to prevent falls into the building interior and at the building outer edges. Safety nets in accordance with ZH1 /560, Safety Rules for Safety Nets, are suitable for fall protection inside the building.

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