In spite of all care taken, occasional soiling of the surfaces, especially on the building site, cannot be avoided. In order to keep the additional effort to a minimum, our customers should already consider a few points during installation:

  • Extreme care during work, avoid soiling and damage to the coating layer, especially when lifting it from the stack.
  • Leave the protective film on the construction elements during assembly, but remove it immediately after completion of the work or at the latest 4 weeks after delivery.
  • Remove drilling chips immediately, thus avoiding rusting under the influence of moisture.
  • Remove dirt before it dries (especially tar and bitumen) To remove dirt, especially when fresh, a light wipe with a damp cloth is often sufficient.
  • Cleaning should be carried out without applying pressure, if possible, to avoid changes in the surface, pressure marks and loss of gloss.
  • Always rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Under no circumstances use agents containing ammonia or abrasive sand, nitro thinners, chlorinated or aromatic solvents.
Type of soilingCleaning agents
DustWater, weak soap solution, weak alcohol cleaner
Tar, bitumenPetrol Ha Ku VK 1025/600 1)
Grate runner, flash rustHa Ku 1025/600 1) P3 – T1166 2) FERROLAN-P 3)
MortarCarefully remove mechanically

1) Ha Ku VK 1025/600 from Chem. Werke Kluthe, Heidelberg
2) P3 - T1166 from Henkel KG, Düsseldorf
3) FERROLAN-P von TECUM – Industrie Produkte GmbH, Grevenbroich

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