During normal swimming pool operation and when using an air conditioning system, the air temperature is 22-28°C with a relative humidity of max. 60%.

When the air conditioning is switched off, the relative humidity rises to 80 to 90%.

If air conditioning is switched off frequently or for long periods of time, the trapezoidal profiles should be powder coating or spray painted. This ensures that the reveals of the punched acoustic perforations are also painted.

As the mineral fibre strips inserted into the trapezoidal profile ribs from above have a heat-insulating effect, adequate roof insulation must ensure that the dew point level is above the vapour/air barrier arranged on the trapezoidal profiles.

It is also clear that in such air-conditioned rooms, which are often operated with overpressure, this barrier with a diffusion equivalent air layer thickness sd³ 100m is really tightly connected at all joints and connections.

Netphen, July 2001

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