The replacement of concealed wall panels is quite complex, but there are two common options.

1. the wall surface is dismantled in the opposite direction to the mounting direction up to the damaged panel. The damaged panel is replaced and all other dismantled panels are reinstalled.

2. the damaged panel and an adjacent panel are carefully dismantled with destructive effect. The screws must be ground off from the inside and carefully knocked out. Two new panels are now to be pressed into the dismantled area from the outside simultaneously.

The panels should actually be visibly screwed together with at least 2 approved fasteners per panel and support. However, to our knowledge, there have not yet been any problems if the inner shell of FischerTHERM® plus elements have been fastened to the substructure from the inside with suitable blind rivets (e.g. Bulbtite rivets).

Netphen, July 2001

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