FischerTHERM® with Xtrem-Lining

Sandwich wall elements with X-lining on the inner surface (B-side)

  • The economical solution for large spans in single span systems
  • Can be implemented with FischerTHERM and FischerTHERM plus wall elements
  • For FischerTHERM plus with concealed fastening and horizontal installation as a single span system, spans of up to 9 m are possible
  • With the approved aluminum pilaster profile, up to 6.48 kN/m tensile load capacity can be additionally accommodated
  • The thermal properties of the wall element can be improved by the optional and factory-installed DUO-Seal noch weiter verbessert werden. Sie ermöglicht zusätzliche Energieeinsparungen von bis zu 10 Prozent.