Zeremis® Carbon Lite

Low-CO₂ steel from Tata Steel

  • Enables a CO₂ reduction of up to 90 % 
  • Certified carbon reduction
  • Lower carbon intensity based on CO₂ savings achieved by Tata Steel Nederland since 2018
  • CO₂ savings realised within TSN are certified by independent assurance expert DNV
  • Wahl zwischen 30, 70 und 90 % Reduktion
  • Your own CO₂ footprint can be determined 

Available for all Fischer Profil products

IJmuiden steelworks

One of the most CO₂ efficient steelworks in the world

  • CO₂ intensity of the steel produced is around 7% below the European average and almost 20% below the global average
  • Tata Steel aims to further minimize environmental impact 
  • The ambition is CO₂-free steel production in 2050
  • Supporting customers in reducing their Scope 3 emissions