For over 50 years Tata Steel has developed the range of technically leading Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products.

The Colorcoat® products are used globally for building envelope, roof and wall cladding systems in a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings, including:
Warehousing, distribution and logistics, as well as schools, offices, retail and leisure applications amongst many others.

The products are supported by a range of services such as comprehensive guarantees, colour consultancy, technical support and guidance and have been comprehensively tested and manufactured to European standards.

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

Superdurable pre-finished steel from Tata Steel with the Confidex® Guarantee

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel is designed for use in the most demanding and aggressive environments, and offers the highest durability and corrosion resistance. The optimised Galvalloy® metallic coating ensures exceptional corrosion resistance even at cut edges.
Following registration the product is covered by the Confidex® Guarantee of up to 40 years for the weather side of industrial and commercial buildings.
Whether it's warehousing, retail or manufacturing, whatever the type of building, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® offers superior performance and reliability.

Colorcoat Prisma®

Premium pre-finished steel with innovative three-layer production technology from Tata Steel

Colorcoat Prisma® demonstrates a step change by utilising cutting edge three layer manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust, chrome free pre-finished steel product.
This development in manufacturing and extensive testing, allows us to offer Colorcoat Prisma® in a greatly enhanced range of colours and effects, Confidex® guaranteed for up to 40 years.
The revolutionary clearcoat technology, high corrosion resistance and excellent UV protection offer unsurpassed colour stability, improved aesthetics and long-term durability for all building envelope applications.
Colorcoat Prisma® offers a wide range of contemporary colours and surfaces, including inspiring matt and natural metallic colours.

Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured

Premium pre-finished steel with innovative three-layer production technology from Tata Steel

The three-layer premium coating achieves a new level of aesthetics with its robust and textured surface: the textured effect gives the pre-finished steel an exciting illusion of depth and a multi-tonal feel. At the same time, its gloss level of less than 5% minimizes light reflections enormously. Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured offers a unique finish without sacrificing functionality and durability.

With a nominal thickness of 70 microns, Colorcoat Prisma® is the ideal choice for both roof and wall cladding of commercial, retail, warehouse, and sophisticated aesthetic buildings. The natural effect of Colorcoat Prisma® - Textured results in a unique building finish that is robust, high-end, and high quality.

Colorfarm® 15

Designed, by Tata Steel, specifically to meet the demands of agricultural buildings

Colorfarm® 15 has been designed specifically to meet the demands of agricultural buildings including a high resistance to ammonia and fertilizers.
Guaranteed to give 15 years functional performance for the internal face of the cladding system

Colorcoat® PVDF

Pre-finished steel product for wall applications from Tata Steel

Colorcoat® PVDF is a coil-coated steel product with a low coating thickness for wall applications. In the building envelope, it is particularly suitable for façade profiles or sandwich panels where good colour and gloss retention are important.

Colorcoat® PE 25

The cost effective pre-finished steel for undemanding applications from Tata Steel

Colorcoat® PE 25 is suitable for wall cladding systems, profiles and panels, and can be used as an economical alternative for roofing applications in non-aggressive environments.

Colorcoat® PE 15

Pre-finished steel for internal liner applications from Tata Steel

Colorcoat® PE 15 is the benchmark for the internal liner of built-up and composite roof and wall cladding systems. Most commonly supplied in white to ensure light reflectivity in the internal environment and reduce lighting costs.

Colorcoat® SDP 50

High build product from Tata Steel with enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance  

Colorcoat® SDP 50 is a high build pre-finished steel product that is a more resistant alternative to PVDF (Pvf2) with comparable aesthetic properties. The surface finish is smooth or slightly granulated. The layer thickness of 50μm offers increased scratch and abrasion resistance.

Colorcoat® SDP 35

Robust pre-finished steel from Tata Steel for roof and wall cladding

Colorcoat® SDP 35 is a pre-finished steel for roof and wall cladding. The 35µm coating in smooth or lightly granulated version offers improved robustness.


Cost-effective corrosion protection for roof cladding or structural profiles for warm roofs

Aluzinc offers high resistance to mechanical stress. The steel core is coated on both sides with Aluzinc and an anti-fingerprint coating. This cost-effective corrosion protection is ideal for roofing and structural profiles for warm roofs.

Declarations of performance

Declarations of performance are very important when providing specifiers with confirmation of European Standards in relation to the products they have used for their building. We provide a full library of DoPs in relation to our product which you can request here.

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