Fasteners and tools

The screws can only be loaded with the tensile and transverse forces listed in the fastener approval of IFBS Düsseldorf if the tightening torques specified in this approval are observed.

A bolt setting device is required for connecting the trapezoidal steel profile panels by means of setting bolts to steel girders with a flange thickness of more than 6 mm and on flat steel embedded in the concrete; modern devices have a cartridge magazine. In addition to this tool, one needs propellant cartridges, which are available for different material grades and thicknesses of the support structure in different color-coded thicknesses, and as fastening element the "special nail" or setting bolt with 4.5 mm Ø.

Removal of shear fields

For roof areas that serve to absorb shear forces according to plan, checks must be made after installation.

The site management personnel of the company carrying out the work must compare the fastening with the specifications of the statics and installation plan by inspection and checking using a torque wrench.

The nominal values and the actual values measured at the construction site must be recorded in an acceptance protocol and kept in the construction files. In the already mentioned "Guideline for the installation of profiled steel panels for roof, wall and ceiling constructions" of the IFBS a form for the acceptance of thrust fields is included.

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