DIN 1055 - Actions on structures - is of decisive importance for the application and dimensioning of our thin-walled construction panels.

From 01 January 2007, the new load standard DIN 1055 was introduced nationwide, replacing the existing standard.

As part of the progressive conversion of DIN standards into European standards, DIN 1055 was also completely revised. This has included a fundamental change in the actions / loads on structures caused by wind, snow and ice, which provide the basis for the design of the load-bearing capacity and the verification of the serviceability of structures.

The verifications were embedded in the new safety concept, which was specified in DIN 1055-100.

Below you will find an overview of some of the most important changes to the new regulations.

  • Germany is now divided into 4 wind zones.
  • New version of the snow zone map with modified zone division.
  • Extensive new regulations on snow accumulation. Here there are formula coefficients, depending on the shape of the building and the roof pitch, e.g. pent, saddle, shed, barrel roof, etc, which can be used to increase or reduce the snow load.

It should be noted that the loads to be applied from snow and wind must be considered in a much more differentiated manner. In this context, the exact clarification of the building site data and the type of construction with building dimensions and roof pitches is of utmost importance for planning and calculation.

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